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#1: THE Wake download doesn't work Author: phrd1 PostPosted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 11:11 pm
hi, in the thread of the forum (in general discussion WW2) where you can dowload the mirrors of the latest terrains, one of the links to a Wake download is a dead link and tht other says data error when trying to extract the files. can sum1 tell me where 2 get the download where it works? (or can sum1 fix it plz)

#2:  Author: PVLocation: Wet Coast, Canada PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 10:27 am
The terrain mirrors post is unclear in that regard: there is a Wake terrain Version 1, 16MB, which is called "Wake" in the mirrors post. There is also a much improved, yet much smaller, Wake terrain Version 2, 5.7MB, which is called "Wake Upgrade" in the mirrors post. It is not really an upgrade, but a stand alone file - you don't need the previous one to load Version 2. And as the two cannot coexist, as they have the same filename, there is no reason to download Version 1 at all. It would be good if this could be clarified...

As far as I can tell, the link to "Wake Upgrade" seems to be working fine.

#3:  Author: phrd1 PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 10:37 am
oh right, so ill just download the wake upgrade one.

#4:  Author: PVLocation: Wet Coast, Canada PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:16 am
Um, now that it's answered, could you unsticky this thread? It isn't necessary to sticky ordinary forum posts, anyway. Generally, only important notices or crucial unresolved issues get stickied.

#5:  Author: MoebiusLocation: Portugal PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 10:08 pm
I can update the link on the "Terrain Mirrors" thread but I'm still waiting on confirmation from Gustavo that I can do that.

About the sticky, it's been taken care off, was a missplaced forum permission, should be fixed now.



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