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the FAQ is back

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 8:40 am    Post subject: the FAQ is back Reply with quote

I don't know how long it's been since this quietly reappeared, but the FAQ, with some of the lost entries, is now back, I see. And I see a few of the items are out of date. For instance, there is a discussion of the process for uploading screenshots, which could provide someone with some frustration.

I still have the text of the last FAQ entry I submitted, about the distinction between CAP and Sweep in missionmaking, and if those managing the FAQ want to add it back in, I reproduce it here (I think it is still accurate):

Mission making FAQ

Q: "How do I control whether aircraft in my missions attack ground units?"

A: There is a small file called "classes.ppf" which sets up the "classes" which the CAP and Sweep commands act on. It is part of the OnLine Standard, being one of the items in the "property files zip".

The File 'classes.ppf' fixes the following:
AI will not [be] going at ground units anymore when itīs set to CAP in the Missioneditor.

Now, from the classes.ppf file (to make sense of this, read upwards from the bottom, first noting the last three lines):

obData 'airplane_set ( 'fighter 'bomber 'fighterbomber )
obData 'boat_set ( 'ptboat 'cargoboat 'passengerboat )
obData 'truck_set ( 'poltruck 'aaatruck 'cargotruck )
obData 'aaa_set ( 'aaafixed 'aaatruck 'aaatarget )
obData 'tower_set ( 'radiotower 'controltower 'radartower 'observationtower )
obData 'building_set ( 'factory 'church 'barracks 'hangar 'adminbld 'hq 'farm 'house 'tower_set )
obData 'critter_set ( 'cow )
obData 'misc_set ( 'dock 'bridge 'poltank 'powerstation 'runway 'ammodump )

obData 'landcraft_set ( 'truck_set 'bus_set 'car 'tank 'train )
obData 'seacraft_set ( 'boat_set 'sub )
obData 'surfacecraft_set ( 'seacraft_set 'landcraft_set )
obData 'aircraft_set ( 'airplane_set 'airship 'helicopter )

obData 'sweep_set ( 'landcraft_set 'seacraft_set 'aaa_set 'misc_set 'critter_set 'tower_set )
obData 'cap_set ( 'aircraft_set )
obData 'bomb_set ( 'bombtarget 'sweep_set )

So, as you can see, once the property files zip is installed, CAP command will go after planes ("aircraft_set"), but Sweep will go after a collection of surfacecraft. Note however that if you use a driveable land vehicle, the game treats it as an aircraft, so you can't use Sweep to go after it. The GP3 vehicles are driveable.
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